A Child Controlling The Garage Door Opener Is A Reckless Thing To Allow

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Automatic garage door openers add convenience to millions of households every day. The current prototypes are safer, owing a lot to the new state and federal protocols that took effect on January 1, 1993. These protocols which were founded on the Underwriters Laboratories Standard 325 or UL 325 oblige every American manufacturer of residential garage door openers to include an optical sensor or door edge sensor in all models. Environmental and glitch monitoring protocols are also drafted by the UL 325.

Safety laws nationwide pertaining to garage doors were mostly derived from UL 325. It was authored by the Underwriters Laboratories in 1973 as an autonomous industry standard safety law and then had two revisions to add requirements for guidelines to combat electric shock, fire and entrapment hazards. UL 325 entrapment protection requirements are upheld by the federal legislation activated in 1990 stating every garage door opener released locally is to conform to the former. Then on January 1, 1993, UL 325 is again changed just so the requirement on an optical sensor or a door edge sensor will be included.

The law still allows the old garage door models to be sold. Once your current old models give way, however, you need to buy spare parts. This is the part where a newer model indeed looks better.

In addition to following firmer laws, the garage door opener business also pioneered a consumer awareness safety drive. You should make secure the condition of the garage door and the opener at all times so you need to test it at all times. Inconsistencies with maintenance and correction of detected issues may end up with someone getting hurt. You should always be careful in maneuvering the garage door and do not miss out on the dangers it could bring to your children.

A number of basic precautions can keep your family and friends shielded from impending harm. It is very perilous and may lead to something as serious as demise. Position transmitters and wall controls in areas children cannot reach.

The high of the mount on the push button wall is ideally 5 feet from the floor. Other than keeping it away from the reach of kids, it should also be distant from any moving part of the house. The closing garage door must be in full view from where your button is mounted and is being used.

Make your children understand garage door safety and its importance. Do not look away from the door until it is completely shut. Teach children to never play under or near an open garage door.

Running under a closing door must be prohibited. Position a 2×4 object lying under the garage door. A closing door should stop and then reverse. If this is not easily done, that is an indicator that you need to adjust, repair or totally replace your equipment.

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