An Introduction To Garage Door Designs

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With the use of a paint brush, a garage door and heaps of ingenuity thrown in show off your skills in the neighborhood and get famous! You would think that Suburbia’s elaborate garage doors were the new way of asserting the homeowner’s social standing, one thing is for certain that they are providing the owners to express their creativity. The handmade paintings, the shining geometric shapes and a whole lot of commercial designs are the main attraction for the motorists passing by northwest area suburbs.

You need a unique garage door design, especially if you live in n area where the homes lack any basic design distinction from neighboring houses. When homeowners have decided to do something different, they have, a lot of times, got something unusual and new. There are many people who are still not in a position to be able to do as they like with their house because of less finances, these people can however come up with creative decorations for the garage door to make it look stunning in less money.

Nevertheless, there are definite exceptions when a certain person in the family has a creative edge and goes for something different. It is not rare sight to see a wife pushing her husband to paint. This man’s wife never has to ask him to pint because he is at it always. It is almost incredible to hear what the wife of a particular 37 year old painter said. In the past five years, he has created and decorated his overhead garage with two murals.

The rear view of the surrey was the first mural. This was in the colors of grey and pink . It looked like a couple was driving into the garage while now the entrance of the garage has a car which is of an old model. As most the houses in the neighborhood did not have basic distinction, the murals were actually created to give their house that distinction. Surely this is something that has been a success because now all the neighbors use this house to provide directions to anyone.

One of her neighbor’s garage doors displays the wife’s handiwork, who was formerly a commercial artist in the form of an unusual design of a checkerboard. To give it a distinct look and style, the wife painted eight inch light and dark brown squares on the garage door. The house consisted of only one car garage door but provided service to a two car garage and this made the house appear out of proportion. This design, according to her, was a remarkable way of distracting attention from the size of the garage.

After the work was done there she was asked may questions by her neighbors about how she got the idea and the time taken to complete it. One more of the neighbors was able to pick a design which had flowers in it because that was still not common here. The design that he has chosen will be repainted every season with different colors to depict the weather.

For homeowners who lack the artistic energy or the time to devote to extravagant, artistic designs, garage door manufacturers thought of coming up with a large selection of custom designs that can easily be applied with glue and staples. One door manufacturer said that they carry all kinds of decorations for doors. The aim behind selecting specific color schemes by individuals is their complementation with the design trim of the home exteriors.

The general trend is to go for something that blends well with the color of the house. However this is not the case with some people who just choose patterns which they like and do not pay much heed to the house design in this process. In older homes the garage doors are found to be more conservative although there is no correlation between design and price of a garage door. Simple styles are the norm for decoration of garage doors of homes which are more distinctive looking than other surrounding structures.

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