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Can a home be built without a garage door? People leave garage doors alone until they’re broken, even though they can make a family safe. Garage door options are limited to steel and wood.

When comparing steel and wood residential doors, the biggest difference in how much work it takes to keep them in good condition, according to a leading sliding door manufacturer’s product manager. Barely a modest effort can keep steel doors coated with baked enamel looking like new. Years worth of scratches are nothing compared to the protection of the enamel.

Paint can be applied to steel doors. There are also those who prioritize a blend between the doors and the rest of the home exterior, preferring a full bodied paint. Made from galvanized steel, these residential doors cannot be tarnished by rain, sleet or snow.

In contrast, a greater effort is required to prevent cracking and sagging in wood doors. Prior to exposure, it is suggested that the homeowner applies at least two coats of oil based paint, stain or other exterior finish to all surfaces of the door. Every year of the door’s life a single coat should be applied to preserve the wood.

The wood door can keep looking like new many years after just by following these recommendations. The suppleness of wood, as compared with steel, is what helps it retain its young look. With this flexibility, it adapts better to impact. To illustrate, when hit with a solid object, a wood door is less likely to curve or depress. On the other hand, a steel door can dent or bend.

The choice of insulation is out there for steel and wood flush doors, but not for wood panel doors. An essential to the insulation option is weather stripping all around the door.

The doors can be hushed and strengthened with insulation. Total insulation requires more than insulating the garage door. Sizes of the garage opening, headroom, and side room should all be in your head or in your pocket when you go shopping for a garage door. Take a ruler from the highest point to the nearest barrier to get the headroom size.

Likewise, from the side opening to the next thing on the wall is the side room. It is essential that the measurements be accurate in order to mount the hardware properly. Oftentimes, the dealer can measure the door opening him, along with a free estimate. It would be best to have an authorized supplier install the garage door. However, instructions are available with most residential garage doors that explain how they do it yourselfer can install a door.

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