Garage Door Adjustment

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Garage Door Adjustment
Garage Door Adjustment

When your garage door is not adjusted to the properly snug bottom seal, you may experience a number of distinct annoyances:

Your garage is full of leaves and twigs, and you frequently find small animals like mice and chipmunks. >Your door hits the garage floor so forcefully that you worry that a window in the door, or even in the garage itself, will shatter. Your garage door will not stay closed, but bounces open again as soon as it reaches the floor

All of these seemingly dissimilar problems result from an incorrect seal at the bottom of the door. When leaves and animals are able to enter under a closed door, the seal is too loose. When it closes forcefully, or bounces open, the seal is too tight.

If the seal is not snug enough, you need to inspect the track. The track may be bent, or some object may be lodged in the track, preventing the garage door from closing completely. If this is the case, straighten the track, or remove the obstruction. Then test the door. If it seals well, you’re done.

If the seal is still too loose, you need to make some adjustment to the limit switch. You will also need to make adjustments to the limit switches if the seal is too tight. You will need a step ladder, a flat head screwdriver, and a helper.

Place the stepladder under the motor console and locate the limit switches. You will see two white knobs with slots to fit a flat head screwdriver. Usually the limit switches are located at the back of the motor, although they are located near the light bulb on some models.

Ask your helper to open the door. With the garage door open, adjust the limit switch using your flat head screwdriver to turn the close switch counterclockwise. Make your adjustments in very small increments. You need to allow the door to close only an inch or so more, and you will need patience to make the correct adjustment. A full turn of the limit switch will make a three inch adjustment, and you won’t need nearly that much.

Ask your helper to close the garage door and to inspect the opening. Continue opening and closing it while adjusting in tiny increments until you are satisfied that you have a snug fit, neither too tight nor too loose.

Always exert extreme caution when you are working with a garage door. It is a heavy piece of equipment that can cause a serious accident if it is not handled with care.

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