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Garage Door ServiceWhen homeowners want to give their home a facelift, they can find the best garage door service in Colorado at

This company offers a wide selection of brands and parts; as well as providing excellent services. There are many benefits that a homeowner must know what they will get, when selecting Keith Stuart at A and K Garage Door.

Trip Fee

When a homeowner has a problem with their opener, or the door itself, they need to call Keith Stuart to fix their problem. This is because his company does not charge a trip fee when going out to make a house call. Many other companies charge a trip fee just to take a look to see what the problem is.

Same Day Service

People who have broken openers are not able to park their cars in their garages, since they cannot move the door up and down. The people at A and K will provide same day services to come to the house and fix the problem. Other repair companies usually require a week or two advance notice when scheduling them to repair the problem. They also provide emergency services if garages break down in the middle of the night, and the car is stuck inside.


Nearly every other repair company separates their fees, so they can maximize their profits anywhere the can. Many service providers charge a trip fee, an installation fee, overtime fee, weekend fee, labor fee, and then parts fees. Keith Stuart provides homeowners with a flat rate fee that will not change during the servicing or installation of the door.


A and K have over fourteen years of experience in servicing and installation of garage doors for homeowners and builders. They know everything from troubleshooting, to different brands, as well as the knowledge of when openers need to be replaced. The other companies who repair garage doors, often have a younger, inexperienced worker who will not know everything there is to know regarding servicing options.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At A and K, Keith Stuart offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. This is guarantee includes everything from the parts, labor, and installation, if homeowners were to experience another problem in the near future. Other companies will charge a service fee as well as labor fees when they make another house call.


Keith Stuart has coupons to get their already affordable price even cheaper. They have over ten different offers always available on their website Other repair companies do not offer this many, if any, offers to help save the homeowners money.

When homeowners openers get in a jam, or if they need to have a one installed at their home, they will be able to call the best garage door service in Colorado by calling A and K.

Keith Stuart will take care of the homeowner from start to finish, providing top-notch service in Colorado. People will not get a better deal with anyone else for their repairs.

Owner Keith Stuart (303) 901-9255
We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service
We NEVER Charge a Trip Fee to Your Home or Business


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