Garage Door Spring Repair
Appropriate Tools For The Job

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Garage Door Spring Repair

How A Person Can Do A Garage Door Spring Repair Effortlessly

Door springs just like any other material is bound to wear and tear at some point in time. When they do get damaged, the only solution is to have a replacement done on them. To do this, you can choose to do it alone or hire a professional to do it. There are several doors accompanied by different types of springs to match them. Ideally, the strength, nature and purpose of the spring will have an implication on the use and the durability of the door. Provided here under, are ways in which you can do a garage door spring repair easily.

As you commence the activity, put in place appropriate tools for the job.

Start by shutting the door and then removing the power cable from the power source. Ensure that opener is absolutely disconnected from the source to avoid any mishaps during the repair process.

You will then have the opener completely detached from the gate. This can be successfully done by reading the manual provided and following the systematic approach found therein. The new ideologies provide for specific comfortable places to put the opener during the process.

The next step is to carry out measurements geared towards ensuring that the diameter of the coil in the first opener matches its replace. It will be difficult to carry out the measurements while the opener has been removed. So, you can do it while it is still intact. As you conclude this second step, mark the area of the cone of the coil.

Using a winding bar, you can then unwind the coils and using a wrench, unscrew the coils.

The procedure has to be done repeatedly to ensure that the bar upon which you want to fix the new springs is left without tension. The repetition can be done from one hole to the next to make the tension removal an evenly spread affair.

The other step to follow is removing the nuts that hold in place the motionless part of the door and binds it to its center. Then a series of procedure will follow this one, step by step from removing the drums to sliding the coils from the gate bar.

You should be very strategic while fixing the parts. Be keen to note that the motionless part slips into the hole first. The cable drum should then be reconstructed and slithered in the other holes as it holds tight on the remaining bar. You have to conduct the entire procedure with a lot of diligence so as to ensure that every thing slips into place. Doing it wrongly means that you will have to repeat the process until you get it right.

The last step will be to coil; the new the new coil onto the gate bar.

The first bar and the second are then held in placed and pushed up together. The coils you intend to fix have to fit in the marks that had been made in step one above. Since they are usually in pairs, the whole exercise need to be repeated for the second coil until you are certain that your garage door spring repair is in line and ready to serve you even better than the previous one.

Garage Door Springs: Extension,Torsion, Breakage and Repair

Even the smallest and lightest of steel garage doors weigh in at about 100 pounds. Others are heavier, depending on the size, type of material used, different types of glass, etc. In order to make it operable by hand, or by an opener, it needs a counter balance system.

That’s where the springs come in. They provide the force necessary to make such a heavy object functional. There are two types commonly used in residential settings: torsion and extension.

Garage Door Spring Repair
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Torsion springs are usually installed on larger or heavier garage doors. Most models wide enough for two cars will commonly have this type. They’re found on the wall above the opening, and look like a long metal coil. Most people barely notice them until one breaks, and everything becomes too heavy to lift. When it has broken, you’ll see the separation in the coils. You’ll need professional service for this kind of repair.

The counter balance system is under extreme tension, and for that reason, homeowners should never attempt to adjust or repair any of it’s components. Additionally, forcing the opener to pull too much weight can damage the opener, and the top panel where it’s attached.

Extension springs are usually found on garage doors that are wide enough for only one car. These can be found nearly parallel to the tracks near the ceiling, one on each side. Many times, the extension type will relax to the point that they need replacement, instead of actually breaking.

When this happens you can usually see repeated gaps in the coils, and you may consider having them serviced or replaced. Extension systems, while more inexpensive to install and maintain than torsion, are not suitable for installation on models wide enough for two cars due to the lack of balance. Torsion systems use the shaft, along with the drums and cables, to provide equal amounts of lift on each side.

Extension springs are independent of each other, and require proper tension to ensure level operation. One advantage of having extension, is the ease of replacement. Local hardware stores typically carry them, and a do it yourself job is possible for those who are mechanically inclined.

Don’t forget to use caution, as the extension counter balance system is also under extreme pressure, and can cause injury or death.

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