Putting Sliding Doors Back Together

Posted by Daniel Edwards - March 25, 2011 - Garage Door - 14 Comments

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Either type of sliding door, bypass or patio, is easy enough to keep in good condition. Bypass doors are lightweight, movable panels used mostly for showers and for closets. They are suspended from a top track with multiple channels so that they can slide past each other. Many prefer this type for their closets, because they open up to make the whole storage space accessible.

On the other hand, there are patio doors, typically constructed from glass in wood, metal, or vinyl frame, which have one fixed panel and one or two movable ones. The variable panels have wheels at the bottom that roll on a conduit. Most sliding doors can be lifted straight up out of the track, but some can be freed only when they are lined up with key openings, generally when the door is halfway open. Moving a patio door is not a lone job.

Some tracks can be repaired with do it yourself kits from the hardware store. Not all problems can be solved with a kit, and these usually require the help of a professional. Sliding door parts are made with precision by manufacturers, meaning they cannot be easily replaced. When you can’t find or don’t know your manufacturer, bring your concern to a hardware store. By taking the original with you, they can find the closest fit.

Most problems with bypass sliding doors are track related. Here are some tips on troubleshooting bypass doors. When the bypass door seems not to be working right, the first thing to do is check the rollers on the top tracks. Roller brackets should keep the door level and should maintain uniform clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Many sorts of brackets are available, in either one or two wheeled editions. Whether one gets a single or double wheel bracket is dependent upon the weight of the door. The door can be pulled up or down without deconstructing the whole set up. Unscrew the doors to adjust the height.

For doors stuck or off track, the common culprits are loose screws or other such objects, broken rollers, and bent tracks. If the wheels don’t roll smoothly, graphite powder should be applied to the axles. Don’t use oil on nylon rollers.

With catches and locks, regular oiling can be a big help. With just some household cleaner and a rag, the overhead rails of a bypass door can be wiped clean. The doors should also be placed just so along the floor rails.

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